Get Directions to EastGate House of Prayer

Who We Are

Eastgate House of Prayer (EHOP) is a ministry with the specific focus of raising up passionate worshippers of God in our Region who have intimate knowledge of Him and are released to move in the authority He has given us to accomplish the Great Commission.

Eastgate House of Prayer is not a church. We are committed to the local churches of our Region, and we require a pastoral recommendation for each of our team members. This is born of a heart desire to honor and partner with the churches of the Lancaster County and greater Region.

Eastgate House of Prayer is a part of the ministry of Petra Christian Fellowship but was established with a regional vision to include other members of the body of Christ (churches, ministries and individuals) in our region who can also serve and lead in ministry.  The EHOP Ministry Board oversees the day to day operation of the House of Prayer under the authority of Petra’s Elder Board (

Why ‘Eastgate’ House of Prayer? Jesus will return to Israel to the Mount of Olives, then through the East Gate in Jerusalem as predicted in the prophets.  We (location-wise) are also the eastern gate to Lancaster County and to the region. (Ezekiel 43:1-5; 44:1-2).